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Full Name: Liara O’Mally
Age: Ca. 22
DOB: 1th of May
Nationality: Elven
Education: Teached at home
Expertise: Medical

Bio: One evening, a 1th of May, a little package lay on Mr. O’Mally’s staircase. On it a note: ‘Please, take care of her.' On it's back in small letters a name 'Liara’. In the package was, wrapped up in towels, a baby girl with pointy ears and green eyes. First he thought it was all a bad joke and wanted to search for her parents, but looking into her eyes he kept and raised her like his own child.
Liara’s life wasn’t always easy. Mr. O’Mally didn’t care about how her ears looked, but others did. To prodect her he often wanted Liara to wear a beanie so people couldn’t see her ears and talk about them behind her back.
You may have noticed the scar on her cheek. She got it from a kid she was in school with who wanted to cut her ears to normal form with a scissor. After that accident Mr. O’Mally, who was a professor at an English college, gave her privat lessons.
Now that she’s a growen up woman Liara wants to see more from the world, wants to know where she is from. Somewhere out there are her origins, that’s for sure, she knows that.


Hair by IN3S, Skin by Therewasnothingleft, Scar by i-like-teh-sims, Conch Piercing and Tragus Piercing by IN3S, Velvet Lipgloss by IN3S, Eyebags by Kittyclan, Eyeliner and Eyelashes by S-Club, Contacts by Sasha-J

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PS: Don’t judge her last name D: I watched Aristocats ok?!

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